Admission & Prices

Admission Info

It is our aim to form groups well-balanced according to their musical level. This is our first criterion when selecting participants. The second is the date of registration. If two candidates are of equal level for one place, preference will be given to the candidate who applied first. Please contact us if you have any doubts about your musical level or ability.

For the above reasons, all registrations will first be collected. Final confirmation of participation cannot be given until April 30th. In view of the limited number of places it is recommended to register early. It is possible to apply after March 1st, but only for places that are still vacant.

To Register (apply for the course)

You can enrol for a music course only as a Pellegrina site member after logging in – there is a special application form inside the non-public area. If you are not member yet, don’t worry, the site membership is completely free and you can register immediately on the New Member Registration page. The reason for this site registration is very practical: once registered, we will safely keep your usually non-changing personal data, such as your name, e-mail, date of birth, address, etc., so you don’t have to copy them over and over. It is for the safety as well: only registered users can access the Pellegrina member’s section, where all the personal data can be accessed (names and addresses of your chamber music partners, your member account details, etc). As mentioned before, once logged in, you can access the music course application page as well (and we will not have to ask for your name again!), as well as non-public photos and videos from the courses, etc. If you change your mind, you can cancel your membership account at any time (unless you have applied for a music course in the future).

After log in, you can enroll for a music course by filling out the application form completely. Within a few days, you will receive an e-mail with the deposit of EUR 250 payment order. When the transfer is completed, you will receive provisional confirmation of the registration. Ultimately on April 30th you will receive a notification of placement. The entire fee is to be paid on June 1st at the latest. Deposits will naturally be refunded to applicants who cannot be placed, or in case the Czech Republic Government’s regulations will prohibit organizing the music course.


The prices for the year 2024 will be announced in detail within a few month on this page. Please, check this page again in October 2023.

The payment methods

The payment order will be sent to registered participants by e-mail based on their choice:

  • Revolut payment – The fastest and cheapest way to pay (by registering via this link, both you and Kinsky Trio will receive a small change:
  • transfer your payment to the bank account (will be sent to you when you apply)
  • pay the fee in cash
  • discuss other payment possibilities with us


If we are unable to offer a place, or are forced to cancel the course, any fees that have been paid will be entirely refunded (small differences may occur due to exchange rate). Deposits cannot be refunded to applicants who withdraw from the course. Applicants cancelling after June 1st are obliged to pay the entire course fee. It is therefore advisable to take out a cancellation insurance.

Pellegrina with the Kinsky Trio & Friends retains the right to change tutors and programmes if such changes are considered necessary.